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Haven is a lightweight town management sim written for LD40. 

Think of Haven as cross between a non-spatial DF/RimWorld and CivClicker; you have to manage your colony of people by assigning jobs and projects, keeping them fed, and letting them rest. During the day, you have to deal with a constant stream of events that, if not responded to, will eventually destroy your haven.

If you aren't rating the compo version, I recommend playing the newer, "postcompo" version instead. While the changes aren't particularly major, they are significant to improving the feel of the game.

Changelog for the postcompo version: 

  • Added OpenGL 3.1 support, which means some people with very old intel GPUs can play.
  • You can now resize the window! Sizes below 1280x720 are not guaranteed to be readable, though. The default screen width is now 1400x720, which solves a lot of text wrapping problems.
  • Fixed and tweaked some transparency. Backgrounds should be darker now.
  • Made buttons larger and added a rim. This should make it easier to identify and hit them.
  • Added a list of changes to people (health, hunger, etc) at the end-of-day screen.
  • Clarified some text with regard to traders.
  • I think I fixed some of the weirdness with hunger that was happening, though maybe only I noticed that.
  • Fixed some events that weren't working as indented.
  • Tweaked the overall speed and balance of the game. The beginning is now much slower, green events occur more often, and buildings' work costs have been tweaked to be easier.
  • Added a couple new events. Sometimes, builders and craftsmen will show up to help you, for a fee. People sometimes have rough days as well as happy ones.
  • Added some colored text and animated effects to help draw attention to things: if there isn't a crafting/building job set, the job text for people working on that will be red; the message text in the beginning now moves to grab your attention; the tutorial text about crafting/building is now in green.
  • Internally, I've split stuff up into multiple files and worked to compress some of the noisier code. It's much nicer to work on now.

Written in C using SDL2, Win32, and a bunch of stb libs.

Currently only for 64 bit windows


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